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           The Descendants

The following names are of those who are connected through the children of William Redden Sr. and Fanny Kaylor. These are the descendants who have registered with the family organization.

Name of      Descendant: Descended Line: State of Residence:
Anna Caruso Christina Missouri
Becky Odom Joseph Missouri
Brenda Waugh Harrison Virginia
Charlie Redden Michael West Virginia
Charles J. Engle Joseph Ohio
Charles Robert Mann William Jr. West Virginia
Crista M. Mathew William Jr. The Country of India
Deborah Walkup Michael Ohio
Dennis Redden Mathias West Virginia
Devlynne D. Rivera Joseph Michigan
Diane Walsh Michael Ohio
Dr. Gary D. Wray William Jr. Delaware
Ella Roman Harrison Missouri
Erna Miller Beavers Michael West Virginia
Frances Lee Tomblin Michael California
George A. Redden William Jr. Washington
G. Andrew Redden William Jr. California
George Edward Redden William Jr. Virginia
Glendora J. Plank William Jr. Washington
Glenn A. Underwood Francina Virginia
Iona J. Jones Michael West Virginia
James A. Redden William Jr. West Virginia
Jessica Kelly Bennett Mathias on Grandmothers side

James Harrison on Grandfathers side

John M Redden Harrison North Carolina
Julianne Marie Redden William Jr. Oregon
Karen Lynn Taylor Harrison Pennsylvania
Margaret Golden Harrison West Virginia
Mary Sue Cheney William Jr. Utah
Matthew M. Redden William Jr. Idaho
Nancy E. Wiseman  Michael Indiana
Patricia Ritter  Joseph Florida
Paul Redden  Michael Georgia
Philip Redden  Michael West Virginia
Rhonda Walkup  Michael Ohio
Rosa Lee Holliday Michael West Virginia
Sabrina Burkindine Harrison Maryland
Samuel C. Redden William Jr. Washington
Sharon Phillips Belenski Nancy Tennessee
Sharon R. Redden William Jr. Washington
Shelva Jean Lambert Harrison West Virginia
Shirley Gazvoda William Jr. Ohio
Sierra James-Braund Michael Arkansas
Susan Roquemore Joseph Florida
Tammy Lynn Redden Harrison West Virginia
Thelma Mays William Jr. on Mothers side

Michael on Fathers side

West Virginia
Van E. Redden Michael West Virginia
Vernon E. Simmons Sarah Virginia
Wanda Louise Barnett Michael Virginia
Wanda Phillips Michael Florida
Wayland H.Redden Jr. William Jr. Washington

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We wish to thank the descendants who have contributed to the creation of this website. Without them this site would not exist.  If you are a descendant of William Redden Sr. and Fanny Kaylor  and can add  family history information, please contact us at: the_descendants@hotmail.com

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