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 Areas of  research, for  2014

Attempts to locate a connection between the Virginia / West Virginia and  Redden families of Kentucky is being investigated, as the result of the statement by Mary Redden Worley, the granddaughter of William Redden Sr. and daughter of William Redden Jr. She states in a document dated March 29, 1939, "The Reddens came from Kentucky to this country."    Referring to the area now known as Raleigh County, WV.  In the same document Mary Redden Worley states that John Redden Sr. is the son of William Redden's sister.

 The following was found on LDS Family History Library microfiche #'s 6103994 & 6103995  "Early deaths of Raleigh County. "John Redden Sr. died Sept. 13, 1885, of old age at 87 years. Born in the state of Kentucky, son of Sarah Redden. Death reported by son J.H.Redden.   Sarah Redden may prove to be the sister of William Redden Sr.


It was believed that  William Redden Sr. livrd in  Staunton, Augusta County, Virginia.  No records have been found relating to the Redden family in Augusta County Virginia.


 NEW INFORMATION  FOUND: William Redden Sr., has been referred to in various family records as: William Redden Sr., John William Redden, and William C. Redden, all listed as having the same children and spouse. Note: Found in the Raleigh County 1879 register of deaths, is a death record of Christina Redden daughter of William Redden Sr. and Francis Kaylor. The information in the record was given by John Redden, Christena's husband. The record lists Christina's parents as, "William C & Francis Redden".

One would surmise, that John, Christina's husband, the son-in-law of William Redden Sr. should know what his father-in-law's name was.


 We decided to take a closer look at the record, looking at what we believed to be the "C" in the record. We then looked for an expert of handwriting from the 1800's. We found an example that confirms that the letter in the record is a capital C. The example below of a capital C shown in the center of the handwriting examples, matches that of the record. The example is from a book called "Handwriting of American Records for a period of 300 years" by E. Kay Kirkham, Genealogist, and Published by The Everton Publishers Inc. P.O.Box 368 Logan, UT 84321


      Enlarged area of the  record  


          Example of old cursave C



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      Views From The Past     

William Redden Sr. and Fanny Kaylor's migration in Virginia. The formation of various counties, and changes in the county lines which occurred before West Virginia was formed. Areas of family history that are being researched.  

The above map shows the Virginia County boundaries as they appeared in 1810 when William and Fanny arrived in the area that is now West Virginia



In 1810 William Redden Sr. and Fanny Kaylor, according to family history, came across the mountain to what is now Raleigh County, West Virginia and bought a farm on the flat plateau on top of New River Mountain, between Mill Creek and Glade Creek. At that time the county they settled in was Giles County, Virginia

West Virginia became a State in 1863.

However, Raleigh County was formed in 1850 from Fayette Co., Virginia.

The Redden family was in the area forty years earlier according to family history.

They lived in several different counties as the result of new counties being formed.

County history becomes important when trying to locate documents pertaining to family history. _____________

Raleigh County was formed in 1850 from Fayette County Virginia.

Fayette County was formed in 1831 from parts of Kanawha, Greenbrier and Logan Counties.

Giles County was formed in 1806 from Montgomery, Monroe, Tazewell, Craig, Mercer, and Wythe.

Because of changes in county lines, following the Redden and Kaylor arrival in the area in 1810, records pertaining to family births, marriages, deaths and land titles ect. may be found in various county seats, depending upon which was the governing county at the time.     


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